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So now that I have these awesome iMacs with QuickTime’s Screen Recording and an iPhone 4 in my pocket, I have started to create some training videos for my teachers.  I thought, “Great! I can upload the videos to Google Video and they’ll be accessible within our Google Apps domain!”

Not so much.

Yes, I could upload them easily to Google Video.  However, the quality is, in a word, AWFUL.  Even uploading a higher resolution video didn’t help.  All four of my different compression export attempts came up with the same result… YUCK.  A training video where you can’t make out the icons that are being clicked doesn’t do much good.  I tried an export at the Google-recommended settings with the same exact result.

So, to YouTube I go, where the quality is much better but security is now an issue.

Do you use Google Video?  How has it worked for you?  Do you upload your own videos, and if so, and the quality is good, how did you do your export?

And can someone tell me why the quality on YouTube is so much better, when Google OWNS it?!

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  1. Joan May says:

    Would it help to set video to private?
    Only up to 50 users. This number would qualify in my building for staff.

    I have been loving the ability to capture video on my screen using the new quicktime, for this exact purpose. So far it has been for just myself and a few others, so have not posted to google.

    I also have a low cost program, iShowU, from Shiny White Box. Gives you control over screen capture size (not the whole window),and there are compression choices (which I am pretty clueless on, since my video skills are nil)

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